Welcome to Invest for Better

A movement of women using values-aligned investing to shape a better world.

About Us

Invest for Better is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that brings women together as a community to help them take control of their assets and invest them for a better world. Collectively, our influence will shift capital markets to prioritize sustainability, equity, and social justice. Your support will help build this movement toward empowering millions of women to activate their money for good.

Why You Should Join Us

Invest for Better women are emboldened to grow their money and build a better world by accessing a complete values-aligned investing curriculum, participating in peer-led investing circles, and being part of a trusted investing community that fosters confidence & results in action.

Our Mighty Network

This membership community is a special place where those who support our movement can connect with each other and access the tools, resources, and conversation that will help you grow your money and mobilize it for good.